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Secure Mobile Apps

Rapid and Secure App Development ideal for Product Managers and those looking to bring a new product to market.

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Trusted by Industry

Our customers range from the biggest mobile operators, like Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2 and Orange, to start-ups with a cool idea who need a dependable partner for rapid development.

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Agile is at the heart of everything we do

“It was the next best thing to us having development capability in-house.” - Mike Firth, Datong

New Product Development

Our rapid prototyping experts enable you to turn your idea in to a mobile product, fast. In just 15 days you will have a prototype ready to market test.

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EE Cash on Tap wins PayBefore Award 2014

As their Mobile App Developer Partner, Penrillian would like to congratulate EE, MasterCard and PrePay Solutions on winning the Boundary Buster: Program Award with EE Cash on Tap at the PayBefore Awards 2014.

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Software Testing

Software Testing is key to achieving a high quality product. Penrillian's Testing Services include Security Testing, Test Automation and User Acceptance Testing.

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Secure Mobile Application Development

Founded in 2000, Penrillian is now one of the most experienced specialist mobile technology companies in the world. We provide expertise in software development, testing and rapid prototyping for mobile devices.

Our bespoke software solutions are integral to an impressive range of applications and products for some of the best known brands in mobile. For example:

If you've ever used a Vodafone data dongle, bought 2 for 1 Orange Wednesday cinema tickets on a BlackBerry, or managed a T-Mobile account from a smartphone, chances are you used our software.

Nowadays, by creating the next generation of secure mobile services and payment apps for operators and banking, payment and financial services providers, Penrillian is helping customers to stay at the forefront with the latest applied technologies. Click here to find out more about our Mobile Money offering.

Innovation and proof of concept phases of product development are at the core of many of our engagements. Thanks to agile prototyping processes, we're helping mobile entrepreneurs to create the latest market defining products.

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    Software Testing the Agile Way

    How are quality mobile apps created? There is no doubt that they are created using Agile Development. Since it emerged in the 1990s, Agile Development has rapidly gained popularity and some of today’s best apps have been...

    Posted on Apr 22, 2014 by Gemma Jackson

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    EE Cash on Tap wins PayBefore Award 2014

    As their Mobile App Development Partner, Penrillian would like to congratulate EE, MasterCard and PrePay Solutions on winning the Boundary Buster: Program Award for ...

    Posted on Mar 7, 2014 by Gemma Jackson

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Penrillian's Mobile Software Solutions have been rated 5 stars by more than 10 of the UK's leading mobile network operators and companies in the financial and security sectors.