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    Penrillian worked closely with Orange, one of  Europe's major consumer brands, to create an application and build the supporting infrastructure for a high profile Mobile Money solution.

    Orange Cash


Customer: Orange

Platform: Android, BlackBerry, iOS

Solution: Mobile Money

A mobile money manager that’s simpler than your wallet? Penrillian created a solution for Orange, one of Europe’s largest consumer brands.

Electronic payments are fast replacing cash, so consumers need a means to check their balance and move money around. Mobile phone applications are the obvious solution.

When Orange embarked on a project to launch its own pre-paid card, it turned to Penrillian to create the application and supporting infrastructure.


“The card provider was both supplier and customer. In order to maintain this balance you need people who are good at defining and communicating requirements, as well as the technical delivery. People who are both expert and nice to work with.”

– Charles Weir, Penrillian - Founder & Technical Director
The Challenge:

Striking the balance between security and usability

Usability was the key goal for the brand’s product team: they wanted the user experience to be slick. And they didn’t want to be tied to a single card provider. That meant finding an independent software company to build the application.

Penrillian offered experience and proven technical skills but also a track record of managing complex projects with multiple stakeholders. Since the card provider’s infrastructure was not designed with mobile applications in mind, Penrillian would need to create some form of bridge between its servers and the mobile application. This meant working closely with both the brand and the card provider, which paid for some of the required development.

  • Identify the gaps in the card provider’s systems
  • Develop a gateway to bridge the mobile app to the card provider’s APIs
  • Design user interface
  • Develop and test the mobile application on Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.
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