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    A content rich application developed for T-Mobile. The application enables T-Mobile users to view their  balances and itemised bills on their smartphones.

    Image: smartphones with My T-Mobile app on screen
  • My T-Mobile

    “Penrillian gave us a clear insight into what needed to be done. Their team was phenomenal over turnaround times when issues were highlighted, adding expertise, ideas, advice and working to deadlines and budgets."

    Elliott Lawrence, Online Self Serve Manager, My T-Mobile
    Image; smartphones with My T-Mobile app on screen


Customer: Everything Everywhere

Platform: Android

Solution: Self Serve Application

Type: Consumer

Everything Everywhere, formed from the merger of T-Mobile and Orange, decided that there should be a T-Mobile-branded version of the Orange self serve application, allowing all of their users to view balances and itemised bills on their smartphones.

To take the application to market swiftly, T-Mobile asked Penrillian to create the app for both iPhone and Android platforms using shared Orange source code where possible.


Our designers hadn't created any apps before and focused on the server-side. When we asked Penrillian if they would work with us on the mobile side, there was a real instant team spirit. It went extremely well

– Hannah Beale, Everything Everywhere, Device Self Serve Specialist
The Challenge:

Penrillian quickly realised that while access to source code would help shorten development time to a few weeks, there were other issues to be resolved, including T-Mobile security requirements. This meant that the initial spec was amended throughout the project, making it perfect for Penrillian's versatile Agile development methodology. It also involved working closely with an extended customer team comprising both Orange and T-Mobile members.

  • To provide T-Mobile users with a self serve customer account service.
  • To make the service available as soon as possible, with upgrades to follow.
  • To utilise existing source code where possible to streamline the project.
  • To meet stringent security and other T-Mobile criteria.
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