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  • Orange Wednesdays

    Developed for Everything Everywhere this content-rich entertainment app provides BlackBerry users with continuously updated cinema venue, programme, review information and special 2-for-1 ticket offers.


    Image: smartphones with Orange Wednesdays app on screen
  • Orange Wednesdays

    Their approach is innovative and reliable. Communications in and out of Penrillian are great. We were confident that they could hit the time-scale which they did while including great innovation.”

    Daniel James, Head of Product and Innovation, Orange Digital
    Image: smartphones with Orange Wednesdays on screen


Customer: Everything Everywhere

Platform: BlackBerry

Solution: Entertainment Application

Type: Consumer

Orange already offered its users a complimentary film and cinema service on Android and iPhone platforms; known as Orange Wednesdays. The content-rich app provides continuously updated cinema venue, programme, review information and special 2-for-1 ticket offers. To develop a matching high-quality experience for the smaller screen and menu-button-led navigation system of BlackBerry devices, Orange turned to Penrillian.


“Penrillian's BlackBerry experience is a very saleable feature for any development. Their approach was to take the most complex part of the project up front on the principle that it removes any risk from the time-scale as early as possible. The more pedestrian functions were left for later when no harm could be done.”

– Daniel James, Head of Products and Innovation, Orange Digital
The Challenge:

Penrillian was asked to recommend how the relatively small screen space available on many devices could be optimised in conjunction with specific BlackBerry idioms. A major concern was to give BlackBerry customers, not accustomed to interactive touch-screens, an Orange Wednesdays experience of similar quality to that on other platforms.

  • To give BlackBerry device users access to quality Orange Wednesday functionality.
  • To replicate the Orange Wednesdays experience with full use of BlackBerry idioms.
  • To provide film trailers, locations, listings, ticket offers and to allow reviews to be posted.
  • To develop a robust, future-proof solution suitable for further innovations.
  • To broaden market reach across extra platforms.
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