From the outset, the founders of Penrillian sought to establish an ethical and transparent working culture. For our staff this means that their ideas and creativity are valued and encouraged. For our customers this has meant long term working relationships built on trust and a spirit of partnership, and delivering excellence on time, every time, often well in excess of expectations.


Penrillian was founded by UK mobile technologist Charles Weir.


Penrillian was part of the team who developed the Nokia Series 90 operating system – one of the first smartphone platforms.


Penrillian starts working with Vodafone to build the first of a series of connectivity dashboards used by Vodafone customers across the world.


Penrillian builds Orange Cash, our first mobile money app.


EE’s Cash on Tap launched. Penrillian responsible for developing the mobile app, one of the UK’s first contactless payment apps.


In September 2015, Penrillian entered a new chapter with the hire of CEO Joanne Thompson. Bringing with her a track record of building commercial technology companies, Joanne has moved Penrillian from its previous business model, to one which delivers innovative white label products in the Software as a Service (SaaS) market, creating significantly increased room for growth and enhanced service to our client base.


We are today one of the world’s most experienced developers of mobile technology, and our core objective is to leverage the skills and knowledge capital that brings us to solve business issues for our clients through Penrillian’s portfolio of products and services. 2016 has already seen the launch of two new products – Portico and Voyager.


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