Project Description

One of the first ever systems to allow secure data communication between phones.

  • Early example of technology ideal for use in banking and credit card payments, shopping and ticketing
  • Developed for mobile marketing provider 2Ergo (formerly known as Broca) for the purposes of secure data communication
  • Advanced Messaging Service (SAMS) enabled secure communication of information, encrypting data and proving identity in transactions
  • Penrillian developed a simple user interface for the complex protocol behind the product
  • Java client created to operate on every known handset on UK market
“When we sent the initial specifications over, they didn’t just accept them and get on with it. Instead they came back to us to suggest changes, and better ways that certain aspects of the project could be approached.”
Mike Hawkes, Broca


Developed for mobile marketing provider 2Ergo (formerly known as Broca), the Advanced Messaging Service (SAMS) enables the secure communication of information via text messages. The application was ideal for banking and credit card applications, shopping, and ticketing.

SAMS not only encrypted the data, but also enabled the user to prove their identity conclusively in every transaction. This was all achieved using the standard SMS protocols.

The Challenge

The creator of SAMS, Mike Hawkes, is an expert in mobile security systems and Director of M-Commerce for the Mobile Data Association. Having created the concept of the SAMS system, he approached Penrillian to develop the Java handset client that forms an integral part of the solution.

Our challenge was to create a secure Java client that operates across multiple handsets, while ensuring the security and robustness of the client application.


We built a simple user interface for the complex protocol behind the product, and then tailored this interface for the huge range of handsets available. We overcame reliability issues to make it highly robust. Broca took the product to market and became a public company listed on the Alternative Investment Market.


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