Project Description

One of the earliest antivirus and antitheft solutions for Android phones

  • Developed for BlackBelt Smartphone Defence, now a UK leading provider
  • Android version of the popular AntiTheft app
  • Range of innovative features, including the ability to remotely disable lost or stolen phones and protect the user’s data
“Penrillian were an obvious partner based on their extensive experience of developing mobile software and their ability to get our Android product to market quickly.”
Peter Harrison, BlackBelt


AntiTheft is an application that allows users to remotely disable their smartphone if it’s lost or stolen. It’s simple to use but has a range of innovative features that protect the phone and the data on it.

The application automatically notifies the phone’s owner if anyone changes the SIM card. The owner can even remotely lock their phone or delete all the information contained on it. The application gives the handset’s exact location if the phone is GPS enabled.

The Challenge

BlackBelt was already recognised for its popular BlackBelt AntiTheft application, but customers were clamouring for a version that would work on Android phones. BlackBelt wanted an Android version and it wanted to get it to market fast.

The technical team at BlackBelt had never developed an Android application in-house so they needed to work with a partner to develop it. They wanted a company with expertise in developing for Android, who could guide them through the process and work closely with them in an integrated way. But they also wanted to stay in control.

The application needed to fully utilise the capabilities of the Android platform, and to have a user interface and user experience similar to that of the existing products. It also needed to get into the Android marketplace as quickly as possible.


The finished application hit the market on time, on budget and far in excess of the original spec.


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