Project Description

Enabling the Police to report data to the Home Office accurately, securely and efficiently

  • Cumbria Constabulary covers the fifth largest area in England & Wales
  • The Police force is mandated to report data electronically to the Home Office – challenging in remote areas
  • Penrillian’s app means data can be entered electronically when out in the field, increasing data quality, minimising duplication and reducing travel time to and from station
  • Deployed on 1,400 mobile devices ensuring that all officers are following protocol and reporting accurate data
“ Police services across the country are realising the value that technology can provide in helping to deliver a more efficient and effective service to the public. Penrillian are at the forefront of supporting digital policing with our secure mobile app technology and, coupled with our agile development approach, we were able to deliver a solution to Cumbria Police quickly and cost effectively.”
Mike Lewis, Business Development Manager


As one of the most sparsely distributed Police forces in the country it was paramount that Cumbria Constabulary reduced the amount of time front-line officers were spending travelling back to their stations in order to do necessary but time-consuming incident reporting.

New government legislation places a requirement on police forces to collect and submit Mental Health Monitoring data.

The Constabulary also identified a need to collect Community resolution data in order to ensure that the right disposals method was being used by officers.

The Challenge

Wishing to take advantage of digital developments and smartphone capabilities to simplify and speed up time consuming processes, Cumbria Police approached Penrillian to develop an app to collect and submit data to the Home Office.

Within very challenging timescales to meet Home Office deadlines, Penrillian developed a branded mobile app for Mental Health Monitoring and Community Resolution forms.

The app is designed to be as user-friendly as possible and it features drop down lists and checkbox controls that allow critical data to be entered in real-time and uploaded to the Cumbria Constabulary database. The in-built quality checks ensure data input is accurate. In addition, by removing the process of transcribing handwritten forms into electronic format, a potential for error is completely avoided.

The real-time nature of data entry removes the need for officers to return to the station to input forms, saving valuable time.


From concept to deployment the project was delivered well within the Home Office’s deadline.

Reducing the amount of time spent travelling back to station with completed or partially completed forms has meant that front-line personnel are spending more time out on the streets serving the community. As one of the most sparsely populated regions in the UK, the Cumbrian force’s efficiency depends on cutting down on needless travel time.

The electronic forms provide a digital audit of an officer’s decision-making process, improving quality and helping to ensure community resolutions are being used in appropriate situations.

Critically, it has delivered Cumbria Police with much greater control of the data. If new legislation or requirements emerge, existing forms can be altered electronically through the app removing the need for new forms to be printed and ensuring that all officers are using the correct forms at any given time.


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