Project Description

Developing Orange’s charitable app in just five weeks.

  • Taking functionality of iPhone version and tailoring it to BlackBerry handset characteristics
  • Penrillian created BlackBerry-specific user interface from scratch
  • Zero compromise despite tight deadlines
  • Allowing for new functionality and new device compatibility in future
“What I really liked about their way of working was to have a test version every week. Penrillian was very adaptable, flexible and professional. They produced a good quality app in a very short time. I was optimistic but thought there was a large risk that it would not be finished for the launch. My expectations here were exceeded.”
Thomas Szirtes, Orange FT Group


Do Some Good is an app designed to encourage people to get involved in charitable activities. Specifically, it allows mobile users to carry out charitable tasks whenever they have a few minutes to spare, including simple surveys and location mapping, or taking and uploading relevant photographs and videos. The project was instigated by Orange and funded by BlackBerry.

Orange turned to Penrillian for expert advice and support, looking for creative solutions to make the best of BlackBerry handset characteristics and logic.

The Challenge

With tight deadlines and an allocated budget, Orange required a quality BlackBerry application to quickly develop and take to market. Penrillian was tasked with creating an app that would make maximum use of BlackBerry navigation and menu features.

Penrillian also needed to ensure that the finished solution was compatible across different BlackBerry models, and that future, extra functionality could be added as required. Without a specific user interface we drew on our in-depth knowledge of BlackBerry devices to solve the problem of translating the iPhone’s large touch-screen experience to smaller screens without sacrificing functionality or clarity.


The fully tested and approved software, customised to the unique BlackBerry screen and menu-button navigation system, was released in just five weeks. Importantly, Orange was able to honour its commitment to provide BlackBerry customers with an app that more than met expectations. The software was developed with the potential to incorporate additional future functionality. This project directly supported Orange’s long-term policy of promoting active charitable working among a growing mobile community.


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