Project Description

This content rich app was one of the world’s most successful mobile loyalty schemes.

  • One of the most successful loyalty apps ever seen, millions of users redeemed cinema tickets through mobile devices
  • Penrillian developed the content-rich app for BlackBerry devices
  • Key challenge was replicating the high quality experience for customers on smaller screen of BlackBerry device with menu-button-led navigation
  • Enabled Orange to broaden market reach across mobile platforms
  • Penrillian developed a robust, future-proof solution suitable for future innovations
“We were looking for pedigree developers who could cope with challenges, brought strong Blackberry experience and already had a good relationship with Orange. Penrillian had the lot.”
Daniel James, Head of Products and Innovation, Orange Digital


Orange, now part of EE, approached Penrillian to develop a version of the famous Orange Wednesdays loyalty app for BlackBerry devices.

The content-rich app, offering complimentary film and cinema deals, was already offered to Orange customers on Android and iPhone platforms, and a matching high-quality service was needed for the smaller screen and menu-button-led navigation system of BlackBerry devices.

The Challenge

Penrillian was asked to recommend how the relatively small screen space of the devices could be optimised in conjunction with specific BlackBerry idioms. A major concern was how to give BlackBerry customers, without interactive touch-screens, an Orange Wednesdays experience of similar quality to that on other platforms.

A high quality experience for customers was needed to broaden the market reach of the app across platforms, and replicate the Orange Wednesdays experience and make use of BlackBerry’s particular strengths.


We developed an easy to understand user interface, designed to enhance the Orange Wednesdays brand image. This combined the use of the menu-button with four smaller than usual click-through screen tabs, leading directly to other parts of the app. Phased app releases improved on functionality. Orange met its ambitious deadline and criteria and the Orange Wednesdays app went on to become one of the world’s most successful loyalty apps.


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