Project Description

A reliable and secure way to access card accounts in a complex and highly regulated environment.

  • Created an intermediary between the complex banking system and the end user
  • Used by major brands across 22 countries
  • Penrillian created fast and secure way for customers to access their online account
  • Allowed global brands to open new channel to their customers
“Working with Penrillian is a true partnership. They don’t just want to say ‘yes’ because you’re the customer, they take a real pride in the end result.
It was clear they worked to the customer’s brief rather than bringing a pre- defined approach.”
Garry Comley, PrePay Solutions


Penrillian was chosen by PrePay Solutions to support mobile apps to enable end users to manage their money on the move. Used by major brands across 22 countries, PrePay Solutions is the European leader in the prepaid services, issuing, processing and programme managing cards that you can ‘load’ and spend where MasterCard® is accepted.

PrePay Solutions is used for everyday spend, expense, corporate benefits, reward & incentives, travel, loyalty and gifting – including via mobile phones and NFC.

The Challenge

PrePay Solutions did already offer clients a web interface allowing the managements of cards they had issued. However, the current system did not support direct access for end users and relied on Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). SOAP is an XML-based protocol for communication between a client application and the back-end server and struggles with intermittent mobile connections.

Penrillian’s challenge was to create an intermediary between the back-end systems and the mobile user. This would provide new permission controls, giving each end user fast and secure access to their online account while maintaining the high levels of security required for payment cards.


Penrillian provided a platform that allowed the global brands that PrePay Solutions works with to simply and securely offer their customers mobile account servicing.

A proxy server was created between the mobile device and the back end. This new ‘AppServer” as it became known improved performance supporting all of the features of the original web interface but can now be used to support apps or new web interfaces targeted at a variety of devices.
The AppServer also featured a new secure authentication mechanism, streamlining usability while maintaining secure access.


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