Project Description

The first mobile employee tracking solution for all major operating systems.

  • Romex offers employee tracking services for mobile workforces via tablets, mobile phones and PDAs
  • We created an app that works across every different mobile operating platform
  • MyFix validates an employee’s productivity and ensures that employees are meeting Health and Safety legislation
  • The software reads what the GPS enabled devices are doing
“Penrillian are industry experts who really know their stuff. Put simply, what they deliver works.”
Guy Barbor, Partnerships Director of Romex


Romex launched an employee tracking solution called MyFix, which includes software that runs on GPS enabled mobile phones.

The solution is sold to businesses that have employees who are regularly on the move, such as travelling sales staff, engineering or maintenance operators and delivery drivers.

MyFix validates an employee’s productivity as well as ensuring that employers comply with Health and Safety legislation such as proving employees are not spending more than two hours behind the wheel or speeding.

The Challenge

The MyFix software is based on reading what the phone is doing. This required the application to work perfectly with the operating system on the handset. As a result, Romex needed applications that could work seamlessly across all mobile operating platforms, including Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and, in future, Android.

Before Romex decided to partner with Penrillian it had developed one Java application that was capable of running on all the different operating systems but it was proving to be limiting and, in some cases, ineffective. Romex required a multi-platform partner who was expert in programming across all the different mobile operating systems.


The end result was a mobile application that is simple and easy to download and use.

Romex is the only company to have succeeded in developing a tracking solution that works on all major operating systems and is therefore, mobile agnostic. Whilst MyFix was developed within the set timeframe, its functionality continued to develop in order to extend the value proposition to those who buy it.


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