Project Description

Powering Vodafone’s USB modems used by millions of customers globally.

  • Extending access to broadband 3G for laptop users worldwide
  • Plug-and-play for complete customer convenience
  • Delivering ongoing support and development globally
  • Compatible with multiple current and future devices, and languages worldwide
  • Contributed to Vodafone’s market-leading position as global data service provider
“We were impressed with Penrillian’s professional approach and expertise… The team worked with fluid requirements and changing timescales, whilst delivering on market-critical deadlines.”
Matthew Vizor, Head of Mobile Connect, Vodafone


Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Modems have been successful at extending broadband 3G to users worldwide. They provide a fast, simple way to access data services on the move using a laptop computer. The configuration and connection to the network is handled by Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite, a compact software package stored and run from the Vodafone Mobile Connect USB modem.

The Challenge

Vodafone needed software that was compact and lightweight, and that could run direct from storage on the modem itself.  As a service for customers, it needed to be easy to use, with much of the configuration automated. The customer should be able to plug it in, straight out of the box and use it almost immediately. The software should connect the PC and modem, and create a data connection to the network.

Vodafone also specified that the software should conform to its own design standards, be easily extendable to future devices, and support customer needs in Vodafone Operating Companies worldwide, in various languages.


The innovative software contributed to the success of the Vodafone Mobile Connect USB modem, cited as a ‘key success factor’ for the company’s data services in its 2007 Annual Report. Vodafone had 46% market share for data services in the UK, a 4% increase from the previous year.

The product won a number of awards for both its value and ease of use. Today the Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Modem contributes significantly to data usage on Vodafone’s global networks. Penrillian has adapted the software to multiple different hardware types, and today provides fourth line support to Vodafone’s customer support team for these products.


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