Project Description

Making it easy to set up and manage mobile Wi-Fi devices – used by millions of people worldwide.

  • A global project over several years: using web technology to create easy-to-use and intuitive software for mobile Internet access
  • Involved multiple device manufacturers
  • Consistent user experience, whatever the device
  • Cost savings for network operator: customers now require minimal set-up support
“Maintenance of a single code based across the full range of Mobile Wi-Fi devices is now available, managing cost and complexity efficiently – ensuring users receive consistent experience when using a Mobile Wi-Fi device.”
Amanda Gaynor, Senior Developer, Penrillian


One of the world’s largest mobile operators approached Penrillian with a brief of making it easy for customers to configure complex devices. Penrillian’s solution was a single web-based user interface for all its mobile Wi-Fi devices.

The Challenge

With a number of different organisations (including respective device manufacturers) involved, the first task was to ensure they worked together with the same goals. Penrillian was tasked with building the software, adapting and extending the design to take account of evolving hardware capabilities.

Ultimately Penrillian had to ensure maximum usability but also ensure the project was delivered on a tight deadline and manage the four-way relationship with all stakeholders.

The designed user interface was implemented in HTML and Javascript and the design was extended to accommodate vendor request changes to hardware.


Penrillian delivered a common web-based user interface that enabled customers to access and manage all of the relevant features. The user interface operates across a wide range of different browsers and mobile Wi-Fi devices. It enables the user to access the relevant controls for these two different classes of device in an intuitive, reliable manner thanks to key usability additions such as field validation.


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