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Whether customising our own products, integrating with legacy systems, or developing bespoke solutions, Penrillian offers an extensive range of agile-based services and processes to meet your exact requirements.


Our team work alongside our customers to analyse, validate and document the requirements for a project to succeed.

Throughout this process we identify not just user requirements and operational dependencies, but also the interests of all stakeholders in the project.

We analyse the requirements to make sure they are clear and consistent, helping customers prioritise their needs so that the focus is always on what is most valuable.


Once we fully understand the needs of our customers, our team of highly experienced architects design the solutions.

From a technical point of view we solve the issue, giving advice on what Penrillian can create to solve the customer’s needs. We will also guide on operational and security needs to complete the project.

The right solution is the one that meets the functional, operational and cost requirements of your project.



As experts in identifying the opportunities for mobile across an organisation, we engage with clients early to help them shape their strategic roadmap.

Our principal engineers are the technical experts that assist customers in working out the best possible strategy for their needs.


No matter how clearly a customer articulates requirements and we understand them, there is no substitute for seeing the actual piece of software running on a device. This is why we produce a “skeleton app” that can be used for market research, gaining stakeholder buy-in, winning budget or focusing strategic thinking.

Following an initial research workshop and a deliberately rapid development phase to ensure cost-efficiency, we can turn your ideas into a working prototype in just three weeks.


The integration of different services is at the heart of many Penrillian projects, including our Voyager and Portico product ranges.

We create service-oriented architectures to enable timely and cost-effective integration of different technologies. This includes plugging into back end systems, as well as business-critical legacy systems, which Penrillian’s technical team are experts at working out.

The use of abstraction and extraction layers in a project creates a middle ground between a mobile app and back end services, allowing modifications to be made without disruption to the end user’s experience.


Penrillian’s history is based in app development, and it is still at the very core of what we do.

We develop apps for all of the major phone platforms and have a strong track record in the field. Our team of specialists have designed apps for blue-chip companies such as EE and Mastercard, and millions of people use our technology every day.


Our qualified, experienced testers are an integral part of our development teams. The benefit of Penrillian’s investment in the test team is assurance that the work we complete is consistently robust and of high quality.

The testers also ensure that everything we do within a project is aligned with customer requirements, acting as proxy customers to keep developers within brief at all times.

We offer testing as both a stand-alone service and part of our app development work.


The work doesn’t stop when the product hits the streets. Our team is on hand to support you with on-going services, helping with the transition from development to going live.

Our team works to keep software active, live, maintained and current, and to ensure that mobile apps work on new versions of operating systems or phone models. Solutions are issue and defect tracked constantly, so any problems can be registered and processed right away.

Maintaining the infrastructure, tools and skills originally used to build the solutions means we can react quickly and deliver any further needs or features, avoiding a lengthy process of setting up a new project.


To complement our Support and Maintenance services, we offer a 24/7 Helpdesk service to ensure assistance is available whenever you need it.

Easily accessed by phone or email, Helpdesk provides advice and information about the software and services we have provided. This can be seamlessly integrated with your own helpdesk service.

We register and progress any defect reports, change requests, or any other issues, and report monthly to our customers so they can be on top of trends or specific issues relating to support.


We design and implement solutions that can gather and analyse data to improve customers’ experience and operational efficiency.

Capturing usage analytics gives our customers access to all sorts of interesting statistics, such as how many times the app has been downloaded, and how people navigated within it. The data can be available in raw form or we can undertake the analysis and identify trends in usage.

Analytics and reporting doesn’t just give valuable information to our customers – collecting this data continuously makes it easier to anticipate any problems that could arise, which significantly improves the end user’s experience.