Mobile technology is revolutionising public transport, driven by consumer demand. Smart tickets and contactless payment apps are being adopted by a wide and rapidly expanding spectrum of transport operators.

Penrillian’s move into transport ticketing was a natural one from our strong background in contactless payment solutions. In 2016, we launched a smart ticketing solution for the UK public transport sector, allowing users to plan journeys, buy tickets and top up smartcards from their mobile device in real time. The Voyager app is the first ITSO compliant app of its kind, enabled by ecebs paragon RTD software. It has already been shortlisted for two global awards.

The shift towards the personalisation of our travel experience is the next step in the move from anonymous paper tickets to mobile apps, and the resulting passenger data offers new ways for operators to engage with their customers.

The future of transport ticketing places additional demands and expectations on transport operators. Penrillian’s demonstrable expertise in technologies such as HCE, NFC & EMV offers an opportunity to keep pace with this continuing evolution in ticketing technology.