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Technical Articles

Mobile Money White Paper - Seven Considerations before you build a Mobile Money App -  January 2013 (505kB pdf opens in new window).

Ruby Programming - This paper looks in detail at the process of learning the basics of the Ruby programming language. This can be used to create a useful, open source Ruby Gem, which solves a fairly common software development problem.

Penrillian's Secure Development Process - In all our projects, security is paramount. Security has always been, and will continue to be, an underlying thread for us. This paper details our Secure Development Process which applies to all projects.

Testing in a Mobile World White Paper - An introduction to the tools and practices that come together to ensure the quality of an app (April 2014).

How To Get More From Your Software Development Partner - This paper provides the questions you should be asking to ensure you find the right development partner for you.

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